Sunday, August 02, 2009

(x-h)^2 + (y-k)^2 = r^2

The girls stand smoking outside of Baker Hall they stand
in a circle, as any three girls will, unless they stand
in a line. Nearby another slouches, watching. He imagines
three wizards, standing each on the side of a regular
triangle, with the regular number of sides. The stand also
in a circle, but the boy does not imagine the circle. Two
of the wizards are blue, the third both red and green. Only
one wears a robe. Each of the wizards remembers seven things,
and the three of them must fight, but have very weak arms.
Each, in turn, steals a memory from another, making it her
own. After three rounds, each a trip around the circle,
which wizard will silence a sob, and which cry out. For
which, from the information given, can it be determined that
this, all of this, can no longer be borne?