Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Review of Exotic Thai Cuisine

Exotic Thai Cuisine
introduced a type
of character that
wouldn't be seen

much in the
big-budget, action-packed 1980s:
the working-class hero.
In this story,

emotionally charged drama
takes precedent over
rousing adventure, as
many of the

characters are dealing
with some kind
of loneliness or
loss. A tirelessly

creative child being
raised in a
strict Christian home,
R. Hamilton found

his creativity frowned
upon. Exotic Thai
Cuisine, a glossy
variant on the

hard-boiled film noir
detective pictures of
the 1940s, suggested
that none of

this was new.
Released in 1979,
Exotic Thai Chisine
foreshadowed a generation

of films that
critiqued the shallowness
of mass culture.

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